Using the USB Dongle with GNSS Solutions


If you are running Vista 64-bit, or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit) then the drivers supplied by GNSS Solutions probably won't work. Goto the box "The drivers for the dongle are NOT installed correctly" below, follow the instructions to remove the current driver and install the latest driver.

The number "2545" is the number printed on my dongle:

If, from the main menu, I select "Help: About" I see that L1/L2 Post-Processing is enabled:

I don't need to do anything else.

But if I press 'Click here to unlock options' I see this screen:

There is no reason to enter a password as L1/L2 is already unlocked. So press 'Cancel' to exit.

If one were to press 'OK' then this 'error' (not not an error) is displayed:

Pressing OK, returns me to 'Unlock Software Options'.

If you put the dongle in your computer and it does not unlock GNSS Solutions, then...

The drivers for the dongle are NOT installed correctly

 1. Uninstall current drivers:



 2. Run the install with the latest tool:

 Here is a link to the trouble shooting guide:

 Here is a link to to the Wikipedia article that describes the remnants of Rainbow Technologies:

So the moral of this story is "don't bother unlocking something that is already unlocked.' And if the USB key does not work, the drivers are at fault.