Common Ashtech Support Questions

These questions have been posed by customers in response to AshGPS mail list notifications. Answers are by Mark Silver, who is not a Ashtech employee thus these answers may not reflect the official Ashtech line. If you have a question send it to (ms at igage dot com).

1. I can't get active-sync to find my receiver, is there another way to download the Fast survey or SurvCE?

Yes, run the installation without receiver attached. Then look for the CAB file in the temp folder for the user who is logged in. Copy the CAB file to an SD card and then put in data collector. Finally browse to CAB file with File Explorer and click on it.

 On a Win7 64-bit machine the path is:


 Where "Mark" is the user name of the current user. In this folder you will find an .INI file and a .CAB file. Copy the CAB file to an SD card, then run the CAB on the Mobile Device by double-clicking on it.

2. How do you move a Feature Code List (FCL) set?

If you have a FLC file on one machine called ElecPoles on one machine, there will be a file ElecPoles.FCL in the current DATA folder. There will also be a FOLDER named 'CGIS' and under that folder, there will be another folder named 'ElecPoles'. In the ElecPoles folder there will be some files. If you want to move a FCL, you have to move the file AND the folder.

3. What happened to the old Ashtech Forum on RPLS.COM?

POB replaced the comment board with a new 'community':
I think everyone gave up on the new tool as it is slow and more difficult to find what you need. Most folks are now on However there is not a dedicated group on beerleg for Ashtech customers. 

I have a complete archive of the old board on if you need an old article:

4. I tried to register the units with the registration card that was enclosed with my Ashtech equipment but the registration card was returned with “return to sender” stamped on it – I guess the address no longer exists?

Ashtech stopped sending out registration cards and registering users Q2 2009. However, you can register for the AshGPS mail list [ here ] and receive automatic notifications of software updates.

5. Es la antena Trimble ZEPHYR - Model 2 Compatible con el GPS Thales Promark 3 ? (Will the Trimble Zepher antenna work with a ProMark 3?) (Yes, you can ask and receive support in Spanish, albeit poor Spanish!)

Sí, estoy bastante seguro de que el PM3 funcionará bien con Zepher. No tengo una antena Zepher para comprobar, pero las especificaciones de voltaje y corriente son similares. (Yes,the PM3 will work well with Zepher. The voltage and current ratings are similar.)

6. Does the newest GNSS V3.5 work with ProMark2 & 3 systems?

Yes, and it should result in better fixes and baseline processing than Ashtech Solutions. The time to upgrade (at no cost) from Ashtech Solutions is long past.

7. Does the new FAST Survey apply to PM3?

It applies to PM3 used as a data collector for external device, but not for PM3 with internal receiver

8. Will the firmware for PM2 & 3 continue to be updated or are they considered to be 'end of life' systems?

PM2 is EOL and won't see any new firmware upgrades, barring some disaster as new SV's are launched.

PM3 is a current product and I expect we will be selling them for at least 18-months (until May 2012.) Everything that I use on the PM3's seems to work pretty well, but I would not be surprised to see new PM3 firmware released at some point.

9. Can I magically get CM accuracy with a single PM3 receiver?

Sure, you know about VRS processing in GNSS Solutions, right? Read this: